Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Comment on Blogs

Hello students and welcome to our blog!

A blog is a place where the author writes posts - like the one you are reading - and visitors leave comments. We will use this blog - (remember not to include www.) - to exchange ideas about writing and to do some tasks to better prepare you for your writing activities.

In order to comment, all you have to do is click the "# comments" link right after the post:

In the next window, you type your comment in the text window, proofread your message, sign your message and hit the "publish your comment button". If you use gmail or orkut, this means you already have a google account, so you can sign using "google/blogger" identity, but if you don't have a google account, you can choose the "name/url" identity and write your name before publishing your comment. Finally, if you want to receive the following comments on that post in your email, don't forget to check the "email follow-up comments to your email" before publishing:

Most important of all, don't be afraid! If you have any questions or make mistakes, I'm here to help you.

Your Teacher

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hi dear Practical Writers, I am very happy to have received a comment from a student and I have added more information to the previous introduction.  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions!!

My name is Simone Salles and I will be your instructor for the Practical Writing online course.   I have been an English teacher for about 15 years, and I love what I do.  I have majored in English (Letras) and have always taught at private courses, In fact, teaching at language schools is more fulfilling to me.  I have been a teacher at CTJ for a total of 12 years; therefore, I have witnessed many changes along these years, and online courses are part of those changes.  I am really looking forward to working with this group. I hope we have a great opportunity to share and improve our writing skills.



* What other information could be included in this paragraph?
* How could this introduction be better connected?
* Do you think the picture plays an important role in an online introduction? Why (not)?