Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A little bit about your instructor

Hello again, guys! Here is a little introduction about myself:

My name is Ronaldo, I live in Brasília, and I teach English. This is a recent picture of mine. I like technology very much.

That's it.

In the comments area, write what you think about my introduction. You can use the following questions to help you:
  • Is my introduction complete? If so, what extra information do you think would be relevant? If not, what else would you like to know about me?
  • How could my introduction be better connected?
  • Do you think the picture plays an important role in an online introduction? Why (not)?


Leandro said...

You could add more information like:
Where did you take this picture?
What kinds of gadgets do you like?


I think using a picture is important so the person that is reading your introdution can see what you look like.

lms.aguiar said...

Dear instructor,

I think it would be nice to know a little bit more about you. For example, what kind of technology do you like? Mobile, Ipod, Computers, e-books? Are you open to conversation about other things, like music or movies? Is this picture telling us something more about you? Are you the kind of person that is always traveling abroad? Cheers

tito said...

Hi, Ronaldo!

I agree with Leandro and Lms.aguiar, some extra information would help us to know you better. The picture is recent, but how long?

Based on your picture, I could say you are a young guy and were in New York. Were you there for vacation, or work?

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Very nice questions so far. Thanks!

I'll wait for some more questions before I rewrite my introduction. Let's see if the other participants come up with more suggestions of what kind of extra information is relevant to my introduction.

João Roberto said...

Teacher, could you tell us about : how old are you ? are you married ? do you have children ? what hobby do you enjoy ? what are your plan ? are you studing anything now ?

Siciliano said...

Hehe Some people try get some informations than appears to be enought. Just Kidding.

Dear Teacher,

I`m happy with your introduction and a think the comments talk for me. A little bit more information is very helpfull to know you better.

P.S. The picture, you take in NY, time`s square, right? Is a beatiful place, i love it! I was there in january.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

João and Siciliano,

thanks for the comments. They will certainly help me improve my introduction. Stand by for a better version of it. I'll re-write it on Friday.

Luciano29 said...


Pics tell us more than words, don't they? I know that is very important to write a complete introducion about ourselves like you did, but sometimes pictures are complete histories about ourlives.
A key feature in your introducion could be how do you fell being an on line teacher? Don't you think eye-to-eye contact is important?And in the future, computers will be teachers?
Finally, every introduction should starts saying something interesting about ourselves and ends showing how happy we are about ourlives, because unhappies in our lives we are full of them.

Beto said...
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Beto said...

Hi, Teacher and Friends!

I'm in trouble, because everybody asked you almost everything.

I think your introduction is very simple and enough in some moments. However I have some questions: Where were you born? How long have you been teaching English? What countries have you visited?

As our friends said the picture plays an important role, especially, in an online introduction, because this make the class more real.

Cheers, everybody!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Wow, Luciano, I liked your questions, I'll definitely try to include my answers to them in my coming improved introduction.
And Beto, I agree, there are enough questions for me to write a biography =)
but you added some great questions too! Thanks!

diana said...
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diana said...

Hello, Ronaldo.

About your introduction I think you should give more details about your life, for instance, writing a little more about your career, if you have ever lived abroad, your experiences about teaching English and as an informal introduction you may write about your likes and dislikes.

Hey, we have something in common. I do like technology (I am crazy about net), especially for learning new things, studying and improving my English language skills. Fortunately and unfortunately, it is an "infinitive world" of possibilities, access, platforms... You are never completely updated, there are always something new for learning, for surfing, for playing, for...

Pictures in an online introduction may have an important role. It may be a good way to break the ice, especially when you show a nice photo like this one you post. It gives us an impression of a pleasant, friendly and enjoyable person. On the other hand, if you show a picture which you are so serious or not smiling, people may be afraid of talking to you, you probably pass a very formal or unfriendly image (this is unfair, we know, maybe the camera didn't focus your best side or you weren't in a good mood when you took the picture)... anyway, taking care about the picture we post is always something we must take into account.

Best wishes,

Diana Benevides

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Diana, thanks for the thoughtful and thorough comment. I'm sure we'll all learn a lot from your technology excitement.
And you're completely right about choosing pictures to display online appropriately, for we make many assumptions about the person just based on the photo - maybe unfortunately, as you mentioned... do you guys think this happens only because of the online environment or because human beings focus too much on appearance?
A good topic for a hot discussions, huh?

diana said...

First of all thanks for your comment.

Secondly, yes, it's a nice topic to discuss.

Everybody knows but nobody does!!! We must avoid judging people by their appearance, but sometimes it's stronger than us, it seems to be in our nature. We sometimes lost the opportunity to meet interesting people just because this awful habit we have of judging people who we don’t know… Well, no matter how difficult is, we must avoid it!!!

♥ ♪ Thaís Lôbo Junqueira ♬ ♥ said...

Hello, teacher! Hello, every body!

Well, I think your introduction is a brief one. I'd like to have more information about you. For instance,
Where did you study, what are you studying now, who are your students, who were your teachers/professors/writers that had influenced you to become an English teacher?

Your clauses are also very simple. I think you could elaborate them more. Perhaps if you try to develop your ideas, giving us an explanation about each of them...

About pictures, they help us to feel confident about the information we receive. It is like being part of our reality. We can identifiy ourselves with some pictures.

Leonardo Barreto said...

Hi guys... I'm afraid I'm late... Everybody have asked everything!

I would ask if you like any kind of sport. Do you have any favorite soccer team? Are you from Brasilia?

The picture shows you in NYC, I guess... Did you like it? What was the nicest place that you visited there?


Carla Arena said...

Hi, everybody.

I'm Ronaldo's friend and also a teacher at Thomas. I just wanted to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying the discussion here as it really enlightens me what's truly important when we are introducing ourselves in a virtual space.

I think that it's of true relevance what you're saying in relation to photos, images, avatars. They say a lot about ourselves, they can show trust or mistrust. How many times have we seen photos on friends' profiles that are not adequate, that showed too much or too little about who we really are.

Thanks for bringing up all those questions and issues. I'll certainly pay attention to that when I write my profile in different online spaces I am part of. Also, It's interesting to know what you, as students, want to learn about us, educators. I'll take a look at my profile right now to see if it fits what you mentioned here! Ronaldo, I can't wait to see your true online identity.

Regards from warm Key West, Florida.

Luciana said...

Hi teacher,
I'm curious to know some information about you not included in your introduction:
Where you born?
Where you studied English?
Have you lived abroad?
Thank you for your attention.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Thaís, Leonardo and Luciana. Thanks a lot for the comments. Even though I re-wrote my introduction before reading those comments, I believe most of your suggestions were covered there. Tell me what you think later.
And Carla, thanks for dropping by and leaving some of your precious thoughts for us.