Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little about your instructor.

I'm Claudio Fleury. I have been an English teacher for the past 15 years or so. I've been working at Casa Thomas Jefferson since 2004. I work at the main branch, Asa Sul. Before working here I worked at the Lago Sul branch. I come from Goiania, and in my free time I enjoy reading and doing crosswords, in Portuguese I must say.

I really love teaching, and have been teaching and tutoring online courses since 2008. One of my interests is the use of technology for teaching and learning a foreign language.


Rosa said...

Hi, Claudio!
Here are my suggestions: you can add personal information (married/single, children, age etc) and why/when you came to Brasilia (do you like it? do you have plans to go back to Goiânia? etc).
I hope that is what I was supposed to do. It's my first on line course...

Denni said...

Hello Claudio,
I totally agree with Rosa's comment. Give us more information about your personal life, like hobbies, where you live, weekend life. This is my first on line course too.

Bruna said...

Hello Cláudio,

I think you should replace the verb "work" for a another synonym or word, to improve you post.
For example:
I've been working at Casa Thomas Jefferson since 2004. I am teacher from the main branch, Asa Sul. Before this, I taught at the Lago Sul branch...

This is my advice to get your post better.

Claudio Fleury said...

Hello Rosa, Denni and Bruna. It's great to hear from you. And thank you for the suggestions. With your questions and suggestions I'll be able to improve my introduction. I intend to help you with your writing assignments this way, with suggestions, questions and also grammar and vocabulary adjustments. Soon I'll post my new introduction here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, teacher Claudio!

I'm glad to be your on line student again. I liked your introduction. About adding personal information, I think you could tell us what are your favorite books and movies.


Claudio Fleury said...

Hi Gisele, you can see the new version of my introduction in the next post. I'm looking forward to reading yours, too.

Rosa said...

Hi, Claudio!

I uploaded my draft #1. Hope you see it soon and send me a feedback.


Bruna said...

Hi Claudio,
Thanks. I got the correction and send a new version.


Magnus said...

Hi Claudio,

What most beautiful place have you ever visited?