Friday, August 15, 2008

A little bit about your instructor

Hello again, guys! Here is a little introduction about myself:

My name is Ronaldo, I live in Brasília, and I teach English. This is a recent picture of mine. I like technology very much.

That's it.

In the comments area, write what you think about my introduction. You can use the following questions to help you:
  • Is my introduction complete? If so, what extra information do you think would be relevant? If not, what else would you like to know about me?
  • How could my introduction be better connected?
  • Do you think the picture plays an important role in an online introduction? Why (not)?


Leticia said...

I think that your introduction isn't complete. We can make some questions, for example: where were you born, what is your complete name, how old are you and are you single or married?
The pictures plays in an online introduction are interesting because we can see the person who writes.


Natasha said...

The picture definitely plays a very important role on introducing yourself...For example, you didn´t mention anything about your personality, but according to your picture I think you seem like a fun person, a person that tries to live according to what you believe not to others beliefs (because of the long hair, you do have long hair, don´t you? or is it the picture?) And also very responsible and dedicated to what you do...
Anyway... (do I already have all ten´s??) LOL

More information you could also have added:
-Where are you from,(in Brasilia this is an essential information)
-For how long have you been an English teacher
-Where did you study

Well, as you can see I´m anxious to start writing.. I think I will stop for now...

p.s: is "this is a recent picture of MINE" correct?I thought "of me",was the way we would use it in a sentence

Paulo Guerra said...

It's really a very little introduction!
I think you can add some other informations about yourself like where you're from, how long you've been an english teacher, if you've lived abroad and what your hobbies are.
In my opinion, it's nice to include a picture in your introduction but not much important.
By the way, I'm a little bit anxious about how this course works. What are our deadline dates?


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Leticia, Natasha and Paulo, thanks for getting this topic started. I really liked your questions, hold on for my complete introduction, which will come by the end of this week.

Paulo, you can explore the tasks at your own pace, but remember there is one writing assignment every week (which should be revised), so the sooner the better!


Léo said...

Dear Ronaldo, I considered your introduction way to short. I missed information like what is your academic background, your citizenship (or the place you were born) and how long have you being teaching English, e.g.. I liked the picture because, for me, it is good to put faces in the names. Your introduction would be better connected with the use of other verbal structures besides the present tense and by other grammar structures like adverbs and conjunctions. The sentences where too isolated.

Anonymous said...

Taking for granted what Léo just said (about the academic background), it would be great to write something about how did you become an english teacher!

amcssa said...

I agree with the posts above.
The introduction is very short and more informations could be added.

Milena said...

Teacher, I also agree with the comments above. You may say more about you. Where are you from? For long have been teaching English? Tell more about academic background. Besides teach English, are you working in other area?
Well, that`s it.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Léo, Marconi, amcssa and Milena, thanks for the questions! Wow, my full introduction is going to be huge!

I'll just wait for a few more comments and then post a new, hopefully more thorough, introduction, ok?

Stand by!


Patricia said...

Hi folks! Nice to meet you all. About your introduction I can point out that as a talkative person I would say much more than you did. :) Basic personal questions pop up right after reading your introduction, like: Why did you become a teacher? why did you like technology? We can also ask about likes and dislikes, hobbies and leisure. Things like that!

Lilly said...

Hi Ronaldo! Nice to meet you!
I agree with my classmates that you didn't say much about your life...Well...we already know your father's name, and we do know that you're an English teacher...But what about your dreams? Did you want to become a techer when you were a child? How old are you? What do you like to do on your free time? What kind of music do you like?

Dani said...

Hi, Ronaldo! I think like everybody here, your introduction is not complete. You could tell us a little bit more about you. I have seen that people already put on this blog interesting questions wich you will have to answer. I was reading the comments above, and I realized I could not see long hair... Do you have long hair? And, Where did you take this picture?


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Patrícia, Lilly and Dani, thanks for your comments, and this is great! As a very curious person, I also enjoy making people curious!
Well, before I publish my full introduction (tomorrow morning), I'll give you guys just one pieve of information, about my hair:
no, it's not long... sorry to disappoint you, Natasha.... but I once wore long hair (I mean, shoulder-length), right after I left Military School - you may wonder why...

But that's all for now!


Gustavo said...

Hello, everybody! Sorry for being late joining the blog! I agree with my classmates, Ronaldo´s introduction was really shy! lol...

Renato said...
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Anastácio said...
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Anastácio said...

Hello Ronaldo.

Your introduction should be more complete. But it is ok! Now I know your name, live in Brasília, and teach English. Your recent picture seems a person entusiastic and technologic as you said.
About extra information I think would be relevant say what what is your academic background.
Else I would like to know about you, what you do in your free time. What kind of music, movie, food, do you like!

Your introduction wouldn't be better connected. Because in my opinion it is good to begin.

The pictures plays in an online introduction because become e.learning interesting.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Thanks, Gustavo and Anastácio for the comments! Stand by for my new, and hopefully improved, introduction which is coming in a couple of hours!


Leila said...

Uau! I think I'm the last one to being joing in this blog...I am sorry :(
Well, I agree with all the post above, but I have some more questions to you, Ronaldo: Do you have children? Do you like domestic animals? Do you have any?

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Leila,

it's no problem. Well, I don't have any children yet (maybe in some 5 more years) and, unfortunately, I can't have pets in the apartment building I live, but I would love to have a dog.

Hey, don't forget to check my complete intro ( and leave comments there.

Talk to you soon!