Thursday, August 21, 2008

My new introduction

Dear students, thank you very much for the great comments and questions. They definitely helped me know what I should include in a more complete introduction. So here it is:

My name is Ronaldo Mangueira Lima Júnior and most people call me Ronaldo. Actually, only my family and friends who know me since I was a kid call me Júnior - probably because they call my father Ronaldo. I was born in Brasília and have been living here for all my life, 25 years, and really don't like it when people say there is nothing to do in Brasília. Even though most people say I'm too young to be married, I'm glad to say that I found my soul mate almost 8 years ago and we have been married (but with no children yet) for 2 years and a half now.

I have never lived abroad and I am very proud to say that all English I know was learned in Brasília, actually at Casa Thomas Jefferson, where I have been teaching for the past 6 years and a half. Before teaching here, I also taught for 2 years in two other English schools in Brasília (yes, I started working very early!). Even though I have always liked technology (like most boys), I got more involved with technology in language teaching 3 years ago, when I took my first online course about this.

I graduated from high school in Military School and then I entered UnB to study TESOL - Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Right now I am taking a master's degree at UnB in Applied Linguistics, and intend to never stop studying (PhD, wait for me!). I kind of started teaching by accident. When I was in high school I wanted to be a professional musician, but my parents kept telling how difficult a life a musician could have (as if teachers got a lot of, and so I had a plan: I decided to start teaching English to get some pocket money until my music could support me, but then guess what? I fell in love with the language classroom and never wanted to leave it!

In my free time I'm usually involved with music or sport. I started studying music when I was 9 years old and I can play the saxophone, the guitar and a little bit of the drums. Also, I have been conducting a youth choir at my church for many years (about 5, I guess). Listening, I enjoy most styles, but I would say my favorites are jazz and soul. About sports, I used to play volleyball for Military School's team in high school, but one year ago I got crazy about cycling, and now, whenever I can, I go cycling. Of course, like most people, I also like traveling, and the picture I posted in my first introduction was taken during my last trip, which was in April this year to New York City. I went there to attend and present at an international convention for English teachers, but I certainly found some time to get to know the city; after all, who can resist the temptations of the city that never sleeps? My favorite places there were Times Square, Battery Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.

As I already mentioned, I love technology. I would say my favorite gadget at this moment is my brand new ipod. Since I am a musician, you can imagine how much fun I have been having with my new toy. I also truly believe in the power of e-learning, but I don't think the internet or e-learning will be able to completely replace face-to-face teaching or flesh and bone teachers. I think e-learning is supposed to complement, to be a plus, just like you guys are doing: complementing your knowledge of English with this writing program. Imagine a kid studying everything only through computers, without interacting with other kids? (S)He wouldn't learn the social and moral aspects of life as well as being in contact with other people.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure we'll learn more from each other little by little. Since most of you mentioned that you liked the fact that I added a picture to my first introduction, here is another one:

So, was this introduction better than the first one?


Calli said...

Actually, I really like this one better; it gives us a better insight into the person writing. There’s good background information with a personal touch with each expansion from the previous intro. Plus, I also agree with there others members –with their comments from the previous introduction-that pictures “put faces in the names” (Léo). The new one is very cute.

I’m not really a technology lover and therefore I’ve never really participated in online communities so I a little lost in how to interact. Yet some how from this introduction I get a feeling it will be okay either way and that might even start like this means of communicating. After all, I’ve been seeing internet, computers and other technologies just as utilities for a purpose and nothing else.

I’m looking forward to your complete introduction com Saturday.

Until then

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Calli, thanks for the comments, and I think you're in the right tracks, the blog is a great place to begin interacting.

Well, this is supposed to be my complete introduction, but if there is anything else you would like to know, just leave the question(s) and I'll be glad to answer, ok?

Talk to you soon!


Léo said...

Ronaldo, now you got it. I'm a Mr. Gadget myself so I understand you very well when you say you're playing with your new toy. A friend of mine had an interesting line: "The difference between a boy and a grow-up male is the price of their toys!". That's true. Yesterday I gave myself a GPS device and I'm have so much fun. Back to your introduction, do you know what scares me the most? The way we're living now approaches to much to some Asimov's novels. People receiving medical diagnosis, studying or working through technology without being actually with a doctor, a teacher or a client. And this is increasing faster and faster. I'm living in a residential condominium with a gym, a theater, a coffee shop, a musical studio, a beauty shop, a small spa, saunas, pools, soccer, basketball and volleyball courts, kids and baby areas and some other stuff. What is it all about? You just go to the street if you do need so. Otherwise, stay at home and don't get "face to face" to anybody. Sometimes it's good. Save time, it's safe. But you miss something, as well.

Gustavo said...

Hey, Ronaldo, much better now!!! lol...I just want to say that Marcony is absolutely right: WE root for Flamengo!!!

Just like Calli, I´m not a technology lover or master, so I want to ask my classmates to be

Mauricio said...

Hi, everybody.
Reading your comments I realized I am in a very smart class. You are great!
About Ronaldo's new introduction: it is really much better than the old one. You got it, Ronaldo!
About pictures in an introduction, there is no doubt that is very important. It show us not just the "face", but something about the person.
I hope to have more time to interact with you next week.
See you.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Léo,

you're totally right about toys, and you know, I just got a new one: a brand new laptop, so guess how much fun I've been having....
And I second you regarding your fear of how distant people can get because of technology (especially the internet), I guess balance is crucial here, don't you think?

Gustavo, I'm sorry you can't choose a soccer team right =)
just kidding! And Gustavo and Calli, don't worry about technology, after all, the course is about writing, not about technology, right? The technology involved is here just to help us!

Maurício, I hope you're not saying your classmates are intelligent because of the soccer teams... lol
thanks for the comments, I too agree that pictures play an instrumental role in online introductions.

Talk to you all soon!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...
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Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

I published the same comment twice, by mistake, that's why I deleted one, ok?